TSR Watermark Image Software Testimonials

Anthony Betell, OrganiHUME France

Thank you for an easy to use programe that is totaly free with no pop up adverts.

Not being an expert in computer knowledge I found TSR Watermarker very easy to understand and was, within ten mins watermarking batches of my photos.

If you are looking for a programe to watermark your photos then I recommend TSR Watermarker

Regards Anthony

John Whelan, USA

TSR Watermark is an ideal image watermark program.
Easy to use, highly configurable, and extremely fast.
On top of all this, the customer support from the developer is outstanding! He will work with you to fix whatever problem you may have, and won't rest until it is solved.
Hard to believe all this is free!
I've recommended this software to several of my friends already.

Bobby Hicks, USA

I have tried many free watermarking programs on the web with little to poor success.
But this seems to be the final one I am setting down with. It did have a few bugs when I started using but as I found them and reported they would be fixed by the next day.
It does all I need it to do and does it very quickly, using any font I choose, with no problems.
Thank You, for a great FREE tool and the excellent customer service.

Steve Moulton Cornwall, England

I needed a quick but simple method of watermarking my images for a vast array of reasons and stumbled on this software via Google. I downloaded the free trial version and it really is simple. Unfortunately all my images reported a bug after the watermark, however after contacting the support team with the problem it was sorted the same day even though it was a weekend.
I sent a sample image and the support team fixed a bug in the save section and it now works flawlessly. To be able to get a response as swift as this plus fixing the problem is nothing short of fantastic in todays busy work place.
I can't rate this program highly enough and the support is superb. My thanks to all and i will spread the word about your wonderful tool.

Rene van de Vorst, The Netherlands

After looking for a quick, and easy way to watermark my images for the web I stumbled upon this great little tool.
It does what it needs to do, and does it quick. There are more options one could wish for, and the program is improved upon on a regular basis.
In fact I liked the product so much I decided to help the developer out with a translation in my language, and that's not something I would take the time for if it wasn't a good product.
Highly recommended!

Cory Lamle, USA

The product support for watermark image is fantastic! Any issues and the tsr-soft team is on the problem within hours.
The product is very accurate with how it scales the watermark, compared to similar products.
The interface is simple and easy to use, and the process can save you hours apply watermarks and resizing multiple images.

Harshana, India

I use this simple, lightweight tool to watermark and re-size my pictures before I publish them on facebook, google earth, etc... On top of all that, unlike any free tool available on the net, you can request for new features, bug fixes and they'll be ready almost next day.


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