How do you use a program to auto embed information into your digital photos

If you wish to automatically embed information into your digital photos and quick and simple wayt to do this is to use a batch or bulk watermarking software like TSR Watermark Image. With TSR Watermark Image you are able to automatically insert whatever information that you deem will be the best way to protect your digital photos from mis-use.

Why should you embed information in your digital photos?

There are many reasons, the major is intellectual property protection, brand recognition and homepage URL recognition. There are many examples of images that has gone viral on social media without blog/website URL or photographer company or person name. To ensure that you get the referring visitors from an image that goes viral a watermark and other information added can be a help.

TSR Watermark software embeds information into photos in bulk

Written by Anders Thue Pedersen,
Published: Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

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