How to add a watermark using Microsoft Word is a bad idea

Microsoft make many great programs, and Microsoft Word is one of these, but as many other programs Microsoft Word has many features that are not key to the original function of the software. Word was originally a word processor only, then it added some graph and image functionality alongside interoperability with other Microsoft products. To add a watermark using word, insert an image into a word document and select that the text should be displayed behind the image, thenwrite the tex you want as the watermark. To save the watermarked image you need to take a screenshot of the image and then use paint to save it as a jpeg or bmp.

Word is not an imaging solution.

Microsoft Word was never meant to be an image or photo editor, and even though you can modify within Word I will strongly suggest you to use an external tool for watermarking you images.

TSR Watermark Image software

TSR Watermark Image software is made for one thing - watermarking images. Based on Microsoft .NET technologies, it is a strong and versatile tool that easily will let you watermark entire folders full of photos in one single batch

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Written by Anders Thue Pedersen,
Published: Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

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