How to upload watermarked photos to WordPress

watermark image uploaded to wordpress jpg When you have watermarked images using TSR Watermark Image and you neeed to upload them to your WordPress website there are different ways to do this.

Upload using your browser

From within your WordPress control panel you can upload your watermarked images directly to the media archive. Click the "Media" link to go to the media area, from here you click "Add New" to upload one or more files using either the upload button or by dropping files to the gray area.

Upload from within TSR Watermark Image

Another way to upload the images is from within TSR Watermark Image, just enter your wordpress URL, username and your password (If you do not enter it you will be prompted every time you upload one or more images) Then TSR Watermark Image will automatically upload the images to your WordPress installation after the images have been watermarked.

Written by Anders Thue Pedersen,
Published: Freitag, 15. August 2014

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