Get help for TSR Watermark Image

How to install TSR Watermark Image

  1. After you have downloaded the TSR Watermark Images software, start by running/double click the downloaded application file.

    Run the TSR Watermark setup program

  2. The TSR Watermark Image Setup Wizard will appear – follow the guide – (if in doubt just press next, next, next, install and finish.)

    TSR Watermark Installer step 1

  3. Select destination directory for TSR Watermark Image, this is where the watermark executeable will be located

    TSR Watermark Installer step 2

  4. If you want the watermark software to be in another group in the program files, you can enter the name her.

    TSR Watermark Installer step 3

  5. Then select if you want a watermark software shortcut o your desktop and/or your quick launch bar

    TSR Watermark Installer step 4

  6. This overview lets you verify the installation of the watermarking program is configured as you wish.

    TSR Watermark Installer step 5

  7. Watch the installer install TSR Watermark Image software on your computer

    TSR Watermark Installer step 6

  8. When the installation is done you can choose to open the TSR Watermarking program, and/or go to the TSR Watermark Image homepage.

    TSR Watermark Installer step 7

If you still are having trouble, contact us using one of the methods below

  1. Email the developer Anders at
  2. or use the contact form below