Magnificent and modern Mac Watermarking Software

Fast batch watermarking for Mac
Protect Your Mac Images Online.

Install and try - no purchase nessecary.

Five reasons to use the mac software

Easier than Adobe Photoshop - Easy to use and learn.
Batch watermark option - add watertmark to thousands of images automatically.
Protect your images - Create hard to remove watermarks.
No crashing - Realiable and stable, no need to tweak anything.
Send to Wordpress - One click upload from your Mac to Wordpress and FTP.

Mac Watermarking easier than ever

TSR Watermark software for Apple Mac sets new standards for how easi it can be to add watermarks to thousands of photos. With it's unique and beautiful user interface and lighting fast render enginge, TSR Watermark Image for Mac sets new standards in the world of professionel MAc watermarking using Apple computers.

You or your employees will be able to add watermarks to thousands of images with just the click of a button, and every image will have the exact same watermark on all images, the software has been specifically written for use with modern Mac computers from Apple.

Mac Version History

  • Version - 30 May 2016
    • Added a bunch of features
  • Version - 08 May 2016
    • Initial release