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Five reasons to use the Mac watermark maker

Easier than Adobe Photoshop - Easy to use and learn.
Batch watermark option - add watertmark to thousands of images automatically.
Protect your images - Create hard to remove watermarks.
No crashing - Realiable and stable, no need to tweak anything.
Send to Wordpress - One click upload from your Mac to Wordpress and FTP.

Mac Watermarking easier than ever

TSR Watermark software for Apple Mac sets new standards for how easy it can be to add watermarks to thousands of photos. With it's unique and beautiful user interface and lighting fast render enginge, TSR Watermark Image for Mac sets new standards in the world of professionel Mac watermarking using Apple computers.

You or your employees will be able to add watermarks to thousands of images with just the click of a button, and every image will have the exact same watermark made on all images, the software has been specifically written for use with modern Mac computers from Apple.

Mac Version History

  • Version - 16 June 2017
    • Images used in a session will now be saved, which gives the option to continue on the same images on the next session.
    • Watermark counter now works properly, when watermarking images from a directory
    • Grayscale image, will now also grayscale the watermark, in order to give a entirely grayscaled output.
    • Added option to preserve XMP data from original image.
    • Added option to add metadata in form of XMP to the watermarked image(s).
    • Input and output image will now have the same orientation as found in the metadata of the input image.
  • Version - 23 May 2017
    • Added option to select which image to preview, which gives the option to preview the watermarks on more than one image.
    • Added option to delete 1 image at a time, which makes it easier to select which image to watermark.
    • Option to hide watermarks, which give the option to hide a watermark for one session and then use it for a later session.
    • Option to chose whether or not to overwrite an existing file, when exporting the watermarked images.
    • Option to save the preview image.
    • Added tiles for images, which gives the option to have watermarks that are tiled horizontally, vertically or both.
  • Version - 15 May 2017
    • Added option to preserve EXIF and IPTC data from original image.
    • Added option to add metadata in form og EXIF and IPTC data to the watermarked image(s).
    • Added Image Rotation, which gives the option to rotate image watermarks on an image.
  • Version - 2 May 2017
    • Added 3DImage, which gives the option to add 3D image watermarks to an image
    • TSR Soft is now an Identified Mac Developer, which means TSR Watermark Image can be opened without alerting GateKeeper.

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