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Upload to your FTP site, supports ftp servers that are windows and linux based.
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  • "I was unsure if I really could automate my watermarking task but TSR Watermark Image turned out to be fantastic. I just loaded the pics and added the consecutive #'s to the watermark and it was easy! I am so happy I found your product."

    Cher Cornett Crum - Bolt & Nut, Inc.
  • "I knew that other pices of watermarking softwares could not handle handle large amounts of TIF files and their support told me that this is „normal“ behavior - they have our of memory issues when handling larger amount of files. I just tried your tool (trial) on all of our files at once (> 8000 TIF files) and it worked flawlessly! So great!"

    Mischa Szeker - Acribis
  • "I have been using TSR Watemark Image since version it's very easy to learn, just a few steps to follow. I use it to watermark all my photos I post on the internet. I have recommended this program to many of my photographer friends."

    Bill Kent, USA - No Sweat Photography
  • "I am using TSR Watemark Image for my photography business and find it very easy to use and fast. I used the free edition and fell in love with how quick it is to watermark my photos all at one time. So glad that I found it and I have really put it to use for my business."

    Moments by Angela - Bolt & Nut, Inc.

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Articles about Watermarking

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Feature Free Pro/Share/Secure
Text watermarks
3D Text watermarks
Image watermarks
3D Watermarks
Upload photos to WordPress
Photo Effects
Upload photos to (S)FTP Server
Hard to remove watermarks
Multiple Watermarks in one batch
Multiple destinations in one batch
Commercial use
Free online support

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