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When using TSR Watermark Image i took just 5 minutes then I reached exactly the right watermarking result.

The Telegraph

If you're going to share your photographs digitally, adding a watermark can be a sensible precaution. Here's how to do it.


De naam van de tool laat weinig aan de verbeelding over: met Watermark Image kan je allerlei afbeeldingen van een ‘watermerk’ voorzien

STERN online

Digital photographs are a valuable possession, but they can be stolen. It is better therefore to protect the images, such as a watermark

CHIP online

With "TSR Watermark Image" you can protect your images from abuse on the Internet, by adding your own watermark.

PC World

TSR Watermark Image Software lets you watermark a single image, but it is best suited to large batches of files, where it can perform the same, repetitive operation innumerable times.

Computer Totaal

Publish your photos on a blog, profile page, or Flickr account? Using Watermark Image prevent others from using your images without attribution.


This serves as a basic hotlinking protection and usually protects the image from being used by other websites without proper permission or attribution.

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